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GSB Emails Volume 0004

More GSB emails from May to September! See the older ones here:

GSB Emails Volume 0003

My sister told my mom about these emails and she wants to read them now so I’m posting the emails from the end of April through May. Check out volume 0001 and volume 0002 for more.

GSB Emails Volume 0002

More silly emails from November through April. Check out volume 0001 for more.

GSB Emails Volume 0001

GSB is a social event in CSAIL hosted every Friday. I am running it this year along with another grad student and one of our duties involves sending a humorous email before the event every week. I have collected some of my emails from August through October below, enjoy!

Abstract Art in the Early Digital Age

Early computer artists, such as Roman Verostko and Ben Laposky, created algorithmic art with many themes paralleling those found in the abstract expressionist and modernist movements. These artists created works that embrace the limitations of their mediums and are entirely self-referential. Moreover, early computer artists saw algorithmic art as a universal visual representation of mathematics going so far as to as to claim that their work indexes mathematics and computation. They explored profound content, such as the inherent dualities of the world around us. Lastly, they paved the way for modern computer graphics by inspiring computer scientists to explore the realm of computer art and to envision a future in which any artist may employ the use of a computer.

The Internet is Ephemeral

As websites disapear, so does the content associated with it. This post explores some differences between archival of web and print media and calls for action to avoid the loss of information on today's subcultures.